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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Nature of Human Being

A beauty of Filipina is like the beauty of nature in every places you seen that may take you to relax when every time you watch it. A nature that only God can do it in every parts of the body of how every they raise it will out the sighting of one beauty like this.

This girl is my niece, a lovely girl who live in a happy family. She always believe in her life that someday she will live that having a beautiful life and always happy in a moment that she have. An always Filipino people who dream a good life to live. Filipino people always taking a responsible to feed their children even they were already have a own family. Because it was an a norms to the Filipino people who prepared the problem of life of their children. It is a nature which is a beauty family comes to fill nature to a human being.

It is our nature that we always take a happy moment even we were having a lots of problems. You conot see us to worry in every problem we have. It is because we much prepared to be come easy people than to think what next we will do. It was our nature to bring joy of life as a human being to dare of any steps of our living life.

A moment to let the problem forgotten that we have is to mingle those people around us. It is our pleasure to have it when they take us to have an enjoyment time. In every people who always have a dream to become a popular or know to other as of being a good persons. The one you can see our problem is to watch behind when they were taking alone of their self. Just to remind about the forgotten problems that what we have. In how we solve it by our own. You conot tell or see us that we were going to call a help from the particular problem we have it.

It's better to take enjoyment than to suffer fixing problems in the future.

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Misamis Oriental Institute of Science and Technology Campus


The Misamis Oriental Institute of Science and Technology also known as MOIST is one of the prestigious school in Balingasag Misamis Oriental. For its eleven years of existence, the administration built this magnificent institution. It has preschool, elementary and colleges. There are many courses offered in this institution such as, Bachelor of Secondary Education, Bachelor of  Science in Elementary Education, Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Bachelor of  Science in Marine Transportation, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Midwifery Education. MOIST also offered TESDA courses like automotive and culinary.

This area is the preschool and elementary building. It has complete facilities and has competent teachers. The quality of teachings that the teacher teaches to the learners are truly high excellence performance. This institution is a child friendly school and is a student centered.

This building is for all college departments and it has three story building. The first floor belongs to Education department, the second floor is for the BSBA department and for the BSHRM department and the third floor is for the Criminology department.

The old building or the lobby located at the center is for the Midwifery and Technology courses. Beside the lobby is our big library wherein it has mini tablet and full of computers for researching. It has very accessible internet connection and wi-fi free for all students. It is for the learners to become more knowledgeable to the latest trends happened all over the world. This institution has a principle of education which is progressivism that reshape student's multiple intelligence.

The ambiance around this campus is conducive to learning. Moist has a huge campus wherein it can cater regional sports event because of its huge ground in the center. Unlike other colleges, all events may gathered here because of its wide grounds and conducive atmosphere.


This part is very useful during Intramural. All games are catered here and all gatherings are well organized by the facilitator. Because of its wide space and complete facilities, many are overwhelmed and they are amazed. Some politicians are visiting here for some conventions and giving of some school assistance for the students. They're giving scholarships aside from the academic scholarship given by this institution.

MOIST also has its own auditorium and audio visual room. It has CCTV camera that operates 24/7 inside and outside the school campus. It is built for the security of the students and for all the facilities in every classroom. The teachers are very competent and rest assure that they have quality pedagogic method used in dealing with students. There are many Ph.D's around the school and every department that will accommodate all students all the time. 

This kiosk is located in front of the campus. It is built for all students to have relaxation here during their vacant hours. It has benches and tables where the students can have their spare time use in socialization. This kiosk is  also used sometimes in catering for any occasions. Our school president and the rest of the administration are composed of brothers and relatives of Valmores family. They are entrepreneurs and accepts accommodations like weddings, birthdays, etc. and the HRM students are hands on minds handling this occasion. That is why this institution is multi-awarded as class A school in Northern Mindanao.

Moist is very proud of this mock ship wherein all Maritime students are having their class sessions here. It has a simulation room where Maritime students can have their actual experience in driving this real ship on ground. Only MOIST has this kind of ship built on ground and it is the one only in Northern Mindano. It is also open to public viewing since this is one of kind or can be a tourist attraction.

It's More Fun in the PHILIPPINES (Balingasag): A Proper Etiquette for a Fine Restaurant

It's More Fun in the PHILIPPINES (Balingasag): A Proper Etiquette for a Fine Restaurant: The Fourth Year Education Student was having an Fine Dining Proper Etiquette Seminar together with Madam Evelyn Valmores at HRM Functio...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Proper Etiquette for a Fine Restaurant

The Fourth Year Education Student was having an Fine Dining Proper Etiquette Seminar together with Madam Evelyn Valmores at HRM Function Hall (MOIST)

They were teaching us for a proper way to eat in a Fine Restaurant mostly from the outside of the country. Including the proper way to cater the customer, Proper position of the eating utensils in the table.

It is our change to hear a proper way of eating in dining to a fine restaurant here in our school at Misamis Oriental Institute of  Science and Technology. That sometimes we were wondering the different rules in that particular restaurant in other country by way in eating. It's totally different from our own country in terms of eating in restaurant. 



We have also a videos to show it up regarding to this seminar, just watch it in my youtube below just click it and enjoy to watch. You will get some lesson from the proper way of dining in fine restaurant. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rainy Season in the Philippines

It's a rainy season here in our place! might bring umbrella if you wanna visit here. In every month of July it takes like this but not in whole day raining. Much better like this because you may love to watched falling rain with drinking cafe. The whole place were getting warm it makes you to feel the sounds of peace.

Here in Philippines may take some raining at all but not the whole area were takes time to rain. They may rain in a different time. It takes every Provinces were have a different time of raining. At-least in this particular month will start Raining season. Here in our Province, rain will sometimes start in the morning but mostly it takes 5pm. Not so much strong but a prolong rain, a place were getting wet and warm. While in the morning it gives a beautiful start to wake you up.

Always be ready in all time!

**** The Mock Ship of Misamis Oriental Institute of Science and Technology (MOIST)

The beautiful  mock ship building located at Cogon, Balingasag Misamis Oriental is in the campus of Misamis Orientanl Institute of Science and Technology (MOIST). This is the only whole simulation ship that is built on the ground. It is the one and only look like a real ship and first ever big ship in northern Mindanao. Balingasag has three colleges and only the Misamis Oriental Institute of Science and Technology had this magnificent innovation of Maritime building. Our school is the largest among others, it has many courses offered and has good facilities. Mock ship is exclusively prepared for Maritime students and is open also to public. If you will visit our prestigious school, you are welcome to look inside and go upstairs until fourth floor. This creative innovation of MOIST is the biggest achievement gained by the administration and a sign of progress. For its eleven years of existence, Misamis Oriental Institute of Science and Technology stands progressively and brings good opportunity  for all the students who are financially unsecured for their education.

Try to visit our school and have an overview inside and out of our Simulation ship. The good ambiance also of our school is used as venue for all gatherings served by the HRM students wherein they can practically practice their field of specialization in providing all services that the customer is needed. they cater, serve food and beverages for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions.

Our school is one of the best colleges in line with the big Universities because of the 100% board exam rating. All of our takers passed the license examination for teachers. we are very proud of what the school has achieved, and as one of the student in Misamis Oriental Institute of Science and Technology, I can truly say that I am a Moistian. I salute my school for its outstanding performance. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Filipino People are Beautiful and Happiest Persons

These are the student of Misamis Oriental Institute of Science and Technology (MOIST) a fourth year college student of BEED and BSED (Teacher) course who love to take post together with the Instructor.

Every person when they smile, they have a reason of what the deepest things happened to each smiled expression, in each of one has a different problem they carry. What expression may did, it reveal for just a simple way, and  if you are concern to know what is in behind. You will not believe of what you hear from them. The easy way to do things is to have a little space from your problems is to smile, inverted to a sadness situation. In every role of the world there is a people who live and run, no matter what they do, they don't care of what will happened to this world. The only things that World never hurts is to smile. Living with happy moment even they carry a lots of problems. Like these people they really like to post an smile one.

The enjoyment to each everyone who live in this world is like a sustaining the life you have. Caught by the happiest moment with other people who live around you. It is the way to make it a little things to do a happy and enjoy with them. Just to share your happiness of what you really want to do in your life. Life is too short to stay in this world, the one way to make it long is to have a lots of memories together with your friends.

Enjoy and take always happy because sad is not allowed!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

This picture taken from Talusan Balingasag, we were getting fun there a place of good views and lots of beautiful trees that one of a trademark of the TALUSAN.

My family was originated living at this area, thats why I familiarize some area of Talusan. When I get to visit here in Talusan me and my cousins were played a Tribal musical. Because some of my cousin was an habit to play TRIBAL MUSICAL. so I sometimes play with them, I use Tambol percussion to perform and having or jamming with them.

I have some Videos about Tambolan sa Isla with my cousin  we play using old native instrument, try to see this video the Tribal Jamming we were having fun to play that instrument. If you try to visit this area you are welcome here to meet us and play together with this people who loves TRIBAL. we have lots of jamming video here Just jaming, Tambulan, and Tugtugan.

Talusan is one of the Oldest Barangay in Balingasag Misamis Oriental they have so many fruits you will found there, like Papaya, Santol, Banana, and more fruits were planted at that area. Also this area were an agricultural placed they have Papaya farm, Fishpond farm, and some vegetable that rarely founded. The people living here was so good and friendly some of them are a member of HIGA-ONON Tribes. You can also see the wide canal or river at this area a clear river which you love it to swim and overview the placed.