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Friday, August 9, 2013

It's More Fun in The BALINGASAG

It's more fun in the Balingasag Pantalan

In the port of Balingasag, there are so many children playing and swimming. From their faces we can see so much fun they’ve been in. They are happy as they jump into the shore with full of energy and enthusiasm. The happiness that we’ve seen from their faces gives us hope and that life is worth living for. Though there are many times that we’ve encountered so many problems yet there they are indulging life’s and nature’s spirit. The fact that they are just children, they continued enjoying the happiness they’ve done in their lives. No matter how life brought many trials to their families, they’ve thought that they’re still a child.

In the eyes of these children we can foresee the joyful things that they’ve done as they grow older. The smiles coming from their lovely faces touch our hearts as they jump into the happiness of waving seas. Just like the waves of the ocean their hearts beats as the waves move to the seashore. Even though there are times when the sea is full of anger there are also time when the sea is calm. Like these children there are times of their lives they cannot eat once a day and hunger strike to them but there are also days that the bounty of life strikes them back.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Beautiful Class Forms of FLOWERS in BALINGASAG

These Flowers taken around in my Place, just here in Balingasag.

When you visit here you will found lot's of different flowers in just one particular area. I decide to take these flowers it because it really awesome when you look at these. So I shot in shot in every corner in my places here in my Barangay using my 3dCam by using skill like a professional photographer.

I always watch video's and following Instruction of being Photographer in websites. I use 3dCam to shot these flowers, just to make my self enhancing of being newbies photographer. That someday I will have my own good camera like Nikon and Cannon.