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Monday, May 4, 2015

How to be more fun


 fun is what we seek for the people who wanted to be free. Then how to get on it? yeah that was a question, when people might be lonely and do nothing in entirely of her/his life. What brings you to be like that. Some people are hard to make any things that they can change their life situation. they were trying hard to work without their partner, All because just to be change their life. In what was that? to be rich. They dont worry how may feel to others,  they dont think so what people say for what they done to them even it is bad nor worst. All just to be their self was feeling possitive and go up. But suddenly all in all might be notice late that you were nothing to do your self just to be gone. Hold on you, you far away now to the others. But dont you notice that you were alone now? so where was you now? What was your purpose in your life? even though all you nee is to change your life now. Yeah you got it now and your life was changed now. then What if, if you try to look fun? you can do that alone! might be smile with your self? that was crazy. in how you express your feeling that you feel good in all and say yes friends I enjoy now and have fun in all. You let peolpe go away to you because of your selfishness.

How to be more fun? how to be with them how to be my self join to that words that I wanted on it. All you have to do is not worry, even you are in high now than to your friends that you think these your friends, it's make you like this. Bring your self confedence say to them that you want them to be your friends. Just put your self normal and equal to them and say something. That you dont want to be alone all, all anymore. I tell you that these people might be good to you and they can say to you that, "this man not  trully bad" yap it is because you let them to be with you. that how to often about how to be more fun than to be lonelyness.

Not really today is late. go now and seek what you really wanted to do, make some thing that it make you fun and make other peole not let you forget about you and that you are part of this world. You can do things even it is put in situation to both. you can manage time if you want. It is just once in a life time. people may say goodbye were not emmortal were just living here and let us do what we can do. But lets put our self in more legend that we were just exist to this world. Just be a real human friends.